The passage of prop 64 has created a surge of insecurity within the marijuana business community. We have been operating in the shadow of law enforcement for many years. Business men and women from the black market are now forced to transform into bonafide entrepreneurs. The marijuana community is terrified of corporations moving to our towns and taking control the same way corporations have taken control of the agricultural industry. They buy acres of land and genetically modify crops, so they can grow their profit margins without any consideration for their customers. They want to sell you the cheapest product for the most amount of money possible.

 That is why we are taking a stand. We want to set a new standard within our community. We pledge to be transparent, we pledge to only use CBD-rich cannabis oil grown and manufactured here in Los Angeles. We are putting out a call to action to our fellow cannabis businesses. We need to stand together and support each other. Prop 64 legitimizes our industry, and fortunately prop 64 gives us 5 years to build our businesses before corporations are allowed to enter the market.

 King's Tree Lotion is a sustainable business. We use the highest quality oils, we denounce animal by-products, synthetic preservatives and fragrances. We are here to prove that the cannabis business community can become a legitimate, prosperous, contribution to society. With every purchase you are helping the community stand alone, and we thank you for it.