King's Tree Lotion was born in Los Angeles, CA when three local soap and lotion producers substituted regular coconut oil for organic, cannabinoid rich coconut oil. We tested those first small batches on ourselves and family members. We were amazed by the results. Loved ones with arthritis were instantaneously able to move their hands with wider range of motion. People proclaimed "It's a miracle!" usually followed by " When can you make more?". That was just the beginning.

King's Tree Lotion has been on the vanguard of creating an effective yet discreet product for our customers. It all starts with our recipes. we use the finest oils in our products. Oils like avocado oil to increase collagen production, and Shea butter for it's impressive moisturizing properties. To top it all off we keep our products all natural by avoiding synthetic fragrances, oils, and preservatives

We make this lotion for our grandparents, our parents, our tios and tias, our family, and now we make it for you.